Discover the Snake Gliss

Identical sledges are joined together like a train, which is “driven” by an instructor! The sledges are coupled together using removable axes, which means that the train snakes its way down the slope for a thrilling ride!

Although you are sitting in your own sledge, your feet rest on the sledge in front of you, making one long snake-like train. Everyone has to move together to ensure that the turns go smoothly!

Snake Gliss is suitable for all ages, from 7 to 77, so come and “make like a snake” with your friends and family! Participants must be able to ride a standard sledge on their own.
At the front of the train, the ride is smoother (we generally seat children at the front).
The further back you are seated, the more extreme the sensations! Thrill seekers should sit at the back for a rollercoaster ride!

PriceS and BookingS for snake gliss

2017/2018 Season
1 Person8,50 €
Prices include: sledge + helmet hire + single-trip lift pass