Large groups and instructor hire

A tailor-made solution for all ages and levels, for both skiing and snowboarding.

You and a group of friends or your family can hire the instructor of your choice to give you some tuition or simply show you around the ski area.
To ensure that the whole group gets the most out of the tuition, we recommend that all participants have more or less the same skiing or snowboarding ability.
Our instructors will adapt their teaching to your needs and wishes.

PriceS and bookingS for groups

6 participants minimum
2 hrs for 6 to 8 people150,00 €
2 hrs for 9 to 12 people170,00 €

PriceS and BookingS for INSTRUCTOR HIRE

6 participants maximum
3 hrs (half a day) for 6 people maximum190,00 €
6 hrs (full day) for 6 people maximum320,00 €