group sledging "snake gliss"

Come and try it out with your family or friends

Activity open to anyone who knows how to sledge, ages 7 to 77! 

The sledges, all identical, are connected back-to-back to create one single train guided by an instructor. The sledges are connected with adjustable hinges, which will allow you to make fast turns and bends while gliding down the pistes, a real head-turner!

Sitting in your sledge, you will place your feet in the sledge in front of you. In this way, the sledges become interconnected and everyone works together in order to ensure that the descent is enjoyable! 

The seats at the front of the train are more or less calm. Here you will be able to appreciate the "peaceful" version of the descent - (normally this is where we put children). The more you move to the back, the more you will feel the turns on the way down. Therefore, those who are looking for a thrill will find their "comfort" at the rear.
snake gliss rate
Sunday - Friday
  • Slide down a piste on an interconnected sledge
  • Sledge, helmet and chairlift included
Guaranteed starting at 5 people.
Insurance not included.
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