"Carré Neige" Insurance

To get the most out of your holidays and enjoy them with total peace of mind, it's better to be well-insured ...

Since our clients are not covered by the ESF’s insurance, we strongly recommend purchasing "Carré Neige".

ESF Valfrèjus advises you to take out Carré Neige insurance so that you can benefit from all of the insurance and assistance guarantees that you might need if you have an accident during your holiday.

With the Carré Neige, during your stay you will benefit from the expertise of the best professionals in the business and will have access to a complete range of services, ranging from on-piste first aid to the refund of medical costs and even ambulance transport.

You will be protecting both yourself and your family while limiting any costs that might be incurred, which can be very high in the mountain environment.

So, for peace of mind while skiing, get the Carré Neige!
At ESF Valfréjus, Carré Neige insurance is available on a daily basis.
You can also take out Carré Neige insurance through our partner agencies when you arrive in resort.

PriceS for Carre neige Insurance

Per day2.80 €

How does it work?

What happens if I have an accident?
Carré Neige reimburses the costs incurred as soon as you receive help from search and rescue professionals or professionals providing you with initial medical care.
Benefits of Carré Neige Insurance:
  • Rescue and evacuation.
  • Refund of lift passes and skiing lessons
  • Additional guarantees: refund of medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation costs that are not covered by social security; legal recourse and defence cover; ski equipment cover 
  • Repatriation
Refund of skiing lessons*:
  • In the event of an accident suffered by the insured party, rendering them unable to ski
  • In the event of illness
  • In the event that the insured party and their family are forced to return home early
  • In the event of the repatriation of the injured party, who is covered by Carré Neige insurance
  • In the event that the ski lifts are stopped for more than 5 consecutive hours
  • For one parent covered by Carré Neige insurance who must look after an injured child also covered by Carré Neige insurance
  • In the event that the ski lifts are closed due to bad weather for a duration of more than 1 day and over more than 80 % of the full ski area.
*See full conditions at www.carreneige.com
What if I need to be repatriated?
  • When travelling further than 150 km, if your state of health so requires, you can ask to be repatriated by calling Europ Assistance on: +33 (0)1 41 85 85 96.
  • When travelling less than 150 km and on the day of the accident: in order to request payment or refund of costs, please contact Carré Neige on +33 (0)4 79 07 36 11 or +33 (0)4 79 07 36 12.
How do I get a refund for my unused skiing lessons or lift pass*?
Within 8 days you must fill out an accident report, which is available on the Carré Neige website or at Carré Neige sales points, and send it to the following address, along with the additional documents requested:
  • DIOT Montagne Assurances Carré Neige - BP 19 - 73 704 Bourg Saint Maurice Cedex, FRANCE
Please enclose the following documents with your report:
  • Your lift pass (and/or the receipt for the purchase of your lift pass and Carré Neige).
  • Your original medical certificate, signed by a doctor and stating the nature of your injuries and whether you are able or unable to ski.
How can I track the progress of my refund?
Once your accident report has been received, we will send you a reference number for your case. Using this number, you will be able to track the progress of your refund in real time via the website.