Snowboard tests and levels

Children and Adults


  • Changing direction on both sides of the fall line 
  • Elementary rounded turn. 
  • Direct line facing down the slope, normal foot or switch.

Goomie Rider

  • Use the lifts.
  • The falling leaf.
  • A straight run with a flat board and sinking down and standing up movements.

Snowboard 1

  • 4 to 6 basic turns in switch. 
  • A small figure on a snowpark jump. 
  • Flat Link: two sliding 180's front and back with a backside turn in between.

Izzy Rider

  • A series of 4 to 6 basic turns without stopping around a small slalom
  • A small jump whilst sliding, board flat on a gentle slope.
  • Flat & switch: sliding '180' in a traverse.

Snowboard 2

  • 6 to 8 turns in switch through a small slalom. 
  • Two 180 degree jumps with a turn in between. 
  • A tail press on a box.

Snowboard 3

  • Hold a nose or tail slide. 
  • Two 180 degree jumps in back and switch whilst traversing, with a frontside turn in between. 
  • A balanced grab on a 4 to 6 metre box.