Children's tests and levels - Downhill Skiing

Downhill Skiing Lessons

Tests (from Snowflake to Gold Star) are carried out on Friday during the lessons.
The instructors will hand out the medals to the children on Friday.
Time tested performance:

SKI OPEN points (ESF national rankings) are awarded according to the skier's performance in the Chamois (slalom) and Flèche (giant slalom) races.

During the French school holidays, at Christmas and in February, ESF Valfréjus organises the following, in collaboration with Modane-Valfrèjus Ski and Winter Sports Club:
  • Chamois and Flèche races every Thursday and Friday at 12 noon
Subject to weather conditions and the number of participants.
Please enter before 12 noon on the day before the race.
You will need a lift pass (skier or pedestrian) in order to take part in or watch the races.
tch the races

Price for the tests

Meet at 12 noon at the top of the Col Slalom slope
Flèche or Chamois6 €
Please note:  Children must have their lift pass in their LEFT pocket. Lift passes are not included in the price.


  • Start getting used to skis and sliding. The ESF instructors are there to help your children enjoy themselves in this new environment.


  • Move around on skis in different ways over varied but almost flat terrain.
  • Can ski with skis parallel straight downhill and stop using a snowplough turn.


  • Series of 7 to 8 snowplough turns with the skis brought back to the parallel position in between, over a suitable marked out course.
  • Elementary direct line across the slope following a roughly straight trajectory.
  • Test of balance when skiing while facing down the slope (with little jumps, from one foot to the other or over little bumps, etc.) on a gentle slope.


  • On a moderately steep slope, series of elementary sideslip turns over a suitable marked out course. 
  • Direct traversing line following a curved trajectory. 
  • Step turns on a gentle slope (starting off at an angle).


  • Series of around ten perfect elementary turns over a suitable marked out course on a moderately steep slope. 
  • Basic direct line passing over hollows and bumps. 
  • Basic skating step.


  • Series of around ten basic turns imposed by 10 to 12 poles on a moderately steep slope. 
  • Basic single garland on a moderately steep slope. 
  • Perfect direct line to build up speed, finished with a braking sideslip, all on a moderately steep slope.

Bronze STAR

  • Non-timed line assessed by the pupil's ability to complete perfect basic turns, with two changes of rhythm on a varied slope (alternating medium, short and medium-radius turns through 15 to 20 gates). 
  • Basic short swing turns. 
  • Passage over bumps with slight take-off on prepared piste or terrain (skiercross-type run).


  • Short giant slalom, timed (maximum 50% more time allowed compared to opener). 
  • Technical series of perfect broad and high-speed turns over varied terrain (slope, snow, etc.).